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Our Trainings

Discover all our training courses, as well as the general conditions and payment methods.


Holistic Doula

Certifying online training, become a Holistic Doula!

Courses, videos, books to read, a logbook for training follow-up, a face-to-face retreat in an exceptional setting, interviews with your trainers to ask all your questions.

Fertility Doula 

Completely online training at your own pace to support couples in their desire to have children.

You will learn how to best manage long journeys around conception and/or assisted reproduction, but also how hormones work, how to improve fertility or practical advice.


Accompany the woman and the couple in preconception

Are you a health professional (naturopath, midwife, doula) and are you looking for ways to support couples in their desire for children?



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Well-Born Bath

Discover the program of our Well-Naught Bath Training.
The training takes place in Switzerland in Geneva.

Perinatal specialist

Coming ...

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