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Training Bain-Naître

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Our program

Réserve ton appel gratuit !


Being one of the pioneers in Switzerland, I will pass on to you my knowledge and the fundamentals of the Bien-Naître ® bath.

The Bien-Naître ® bath is more than a bath, it is a treatment, a moment of rebirth for the baby, a reassuring, soothing and gentle moment.

Ideally done between 4 and 25 days of life, it can be done later if the baby is born prematurely for example. 


This bath is highly recommended after a difficult delivery (forceps, suction cup), a caesarean section, prematurity or if a separation took place at birth.


-Deep baby relaxation

-Soothes the nervous system

-Return to known sensations (intrauterine life)

-Liberating and saving for parents

-Promotes sleep

-Strengthens the parent-baby bond.

The training program:

  • Pregnancy

  • Childbirth

  • Baby development, the first days, the first month

  • Baby crying

  • Postpartum

  • Change in the structure of the brain in the mother

  • Parent-baby relationship and couple

  • Emotional memories (External speaker, Anne Marmagne, reflexo-analyst, trainer and author)

  • archaic reflexes

  • The restraining brakes and why it can be important in terms of tensions in babies (External speaker, Julie Amanda Doula)

  • Make an appointment

  • Carry baby and undress him

  • Material

  • Security

  • The bath

  • Massage

  • After bath

  • Breastfeeding


The training is given to only one person at a time. With a doll and a real baby if possible.
We will alternate practical and theoretical support. At the end of the training you receive a workbook and you will then have to validate your homework on our platform. You will also have to film a Bien-Naître bath in real condition and send us a detailed file on this accompaniment.​

The training is open to all women aged 18 or over who have the interest of becoming a companion during pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum without performing medical procedures.
Doula, perinatal companion.

Meals included during the training day.

Price of the training CHF 890.- a deposit of CHF 400.- will be required to validate your registration. Beginning of November sessions, limited places, almost full.

Download the general information below before registering.

Étudiante heureuse

Merci de m'avoir transmis ton savoir qui est si précieux pour moi . J'ai vécu une formation vraiment riche en informations, en partages...
Je me suis sentie à l écoute et entourée pour cette nouvelle aventure pour moi . C est un lieux remplis de douceur et d'amour que je ne peux que recommander .
À bientôt pour d'autres formations

Étudiante heureuse

Je suis actuellement la formation de doula holistique avec Margaux et elle m'a également formée au Bain Bien Naître. Je suis très satisfaite de ces deux formations, les contenus sont aussi intéressants que complets. C'est super agréable de travailler avec Margaux et elle est très disponible.
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